Month: September 2013


Magical Moments You Have To Share

I know I have mentioned my daily journey through Eastville Park, before, but there are some things in life worth mentioning more than once. For me at this time of year the light & imagery is beautiful; the sun is rising, the chill in the air creates a mist that softens all you see & there is a quietness that seeps into your soul & rests your spirit.

To top it all my friendly Heron decided to grace me with his presence for long enough for me to take a photograph I can’t stop looking at the image while also zooming in to see the detail, even the shadow in the water amazes me.

Heron at Eastville Park

Heron & shadow at Eastville Park

…….And then yesterday morning another treat for the eyes….& soul. A fisherman setting himself up for the day, mist on the lake & two adult swans with some of their signets, there are five in total, enjoying the first feed of the day………Sometimes I feel blessed.

Fisherman, mist & swans at Eastville Park

Fisherman, mist & swans at Eastville Park

More Cornish Events & A Perfect End To A Perfect Break


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As promised I continue the report of my visit to Polzeath Cornwall and some of the wonderful images I had the good fortune to capture. I ventured out on to Pentire Point & The Rumps on several occasions & enjoyed some magnificent views & wonderful sightings of wildlife in action. The scenery was so inspirational & a strong influencing force to create art.

I especially enjoyed sitting out on The Rumps sketching, below is a photograph of The Mouls with a couple of sketches I produce with oil pastels

Pentire farm & Point gave lots of opportunities to think about future artwork. I could have stayed in this part of Cornwall for longer just creating imagery.

I also had lots of fun taking pictures of waves, four of which you can see below. Because we had a full moon the tides were very high. I nearly got caught out at Lundy Bay, should have checked the tide times!

While out walking I was constantly seeing Kestrels either perched observing their surroundings, hovering or in flight. Below are a couple of images I managed to capture on camera. Not the best quality but made me happy just to have caught them.

My favorite moments were either sketching or a new one for me, painting plein air. Below is a photo of me painting Doyden Point, when I take some descent photographs of the painting I will post them on my website, I have put some images I took in situ on my facebook page.

Painting Plein air, looking towards Doyden Point.

Painting Plein air, looking towards Doyden Point.