Month: October 2013


Using Up Scrap Fabric To Create Textile Art

Have you ever been left with a collection of scrap fabric after a textile project that your unwilling to throw away? I’ve been there on many occasion and each time I stuff all the scraps in a box with the plan to find a use for them……soon! Well, that time arrived. Inspired by Annette Morgan’s book – Creative Fabric Techniques for quilters, embroiderers & textile artists, I set out to create some new fabric, and I must say I am pleased with the outcome and feel it was well worth the effort, so much so I wanted to share the process.


Below is the pile of scrap fabric I used to create a new fabric.

Scrap fabric waiting to be used

Scrap fabric waiting to be used

To create the fabric I used some iron on Vilene as a base and placed the scraps on top in a random order. I had two projects in mind, the first to make some pencil cases and the second to create a birthday card.

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Once the fabric is ironed to the Vilene the fabric sandwich could be constructed with quilters wadding and a backing fabric. The fabric is secured using free machine sewing.

To create the pencil case I created a design, worked out how it would be constructed and then cut the pieces ready for construction.

For the card I created a freestyle design as I secured the fabric finishing the detail with hand embroidery, pieces of wool and silk threads.

The fabric created made two pencil cases, I am so pleased with them I will certainly be making more, this time to sell. So if your interested, watch this space.