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Traveller’s Tales Exhibition at The Guild Gallery, Bristol

Travelers Tales Exhibition 13rd April - 14th May 2016

Travelers Tales Exhibition
13rd April – 14th May 2016

I’m feeling very excited about taking part in an exhibition with The South West Textile Group in my home town. The venue is The Guild Gallery, Park Street, Bristol, BS1 5JY & runs from 23rd April to 14th May 2016.

The lead up to an exhibition can be unsettling as you change focus from creating artwork to preparing to exhibit. My artwork is presently at Mockingbird Press having professional images taken in preparation to produce giclee prints & cards. I’m in the process of creating labels for all the artwork.

I have included a few detailed images of the work I will be exhibiting,  I don’t like showing full images of my work until the exhibition has opened.

The pieces of artwork I have already seen are amazing and I feel very privileged to be exhibition with a group of of such talented textile artists.

If you would like to meet & discuss my work I will be at the exhibition on the opening day – Saturday 23rd and I will be stewarding on Tuesday 26th April & Tuesday 3rd & 10th May it will be a pleasure to meet you.

Textile Artwork For Sale At Thread58

I had the fortune of finding a treasure trove of vintage fabrics, lace & other textile objects at a shop in Old Market, Bristol called Thread 58 and had a pleasant time talking about textiles & textile art with Bridget Edwards & Rhyannan Hall.

I now have two pieces of my textile art on display & for sale at Thread 58 if your in the area do take the time out to take a look, over the next few weeks I’m making some smaller pieces to place in the shop along with some blank art cards. I will keep you updated of my progress.

Artwork for sale in Thread 58

Below is a collection of the bits & pieces I purchased from Thread 58, just looking at it makes me happy. You can also find Thread 58 on Facebook & Twitter, click on the highlighted text to follow the links.

My purchase from Thread 58

My purchase from Thread 58

Textile Art & Mixed Media Paintings at Easton Arts Trail

Well, that was a full on weekend taking part in Easton Arts Trail.  During the weekend I had a visit from a lovely lady who lived in Ilfracombe and was on the lookout for potential exhibitors in Ilfracombes arts trail in 2015, sounds exciting and will definitely explore further. Received lots of very positive feedback especially about my most recent textile art pieces. It can feel very scary putting your work out in your own home for others to view, but I am very pleased I did it.


For those of you who didn’t get a chance to come to the arts trail I have posted some pictures for you to view, maybe you can make it next year

Hopefully if you like some of what you see you will come & view the artwork for yourself next year

Textile Art & Preparing for Easton Arts Trail

I have just completed another piece of textile art using a similar theme to the last one (see post: Using Medium Gel to Create Images on Fabric – Part 5 Feb 23rd 2014). The image was created while walking on ‘The Rumps’ Polzeath, Cornwall, it was early evening in August and the moon was rising. While creating this piece I wanted to incorporate pieces of fishing line and wood I had found while strolling on beaches, especially after storms and we have had a few of them this year! I hope by recycling these objects I’m contributing in some way to conservation.

It has taken me a while to complete this piece but I am pleased with the end result. I am hoping to get it mounted and framed in time for the Easton Arts Trail taking place on 14th & 15th June – this weekend! If your in Bristol please pop in and say hello. Both pieces of work will be for sell I am still working out a price.

Preparing for Easton Arts Trail

Things are definitely hotting up in the household preparing for Easton Arts Trail   (link to facebook page)  I have been making bunting for the trail & also for a very special little girl, her face was magical when she seen it. I am looking at making named bunting to sell, £3 per letter if made with 100% cotton, £2.50 per letter if made  from poly cotton The colours are more vibrant if felt is used for the lettering (see Easton Arts Trail bunting), I’m happy to make to requests. If interested please use my contact page to message me or go to my facebook page by clicking on the link and message me. Hopefully see some of you at the arts trail.

Easton Arts Trail, Bristol

Easton Arts Trail is fast approaching and like many other participating artists I am busy preparing pieces of art work to put on show. The event takes place over the weekend 14th & 15th June. Please come and take a look, the atmosphere is always upbeat and welcoming. You can download a map on Easton Arts Trail website ( click highlighted text for a direct link).

Along with showing my art work I will be selling some craft items, cards with images of art work on and (hopefully) some cakes and drinks.

Below are some images of a 27 flowered garland I recently crocheted, one of the items that will be on sell. I look forward to seeing you there.

Magical Moments You Have To Share

I know I have mentioned my daily journey through Eastville Park, before, but there are some things in life worth mentioning more than once. For me at this time of year the light & imagery is beautiful; the sun is rising, the chill in the air creates a mist that softens all you see & there is a quietness that seeps into your soul & rests your spirit.

To top it all my friendly Heron decided to grace me with his presence for long enough for me to take a photograph I can’t stop looking at the image while also zooming in to see the detail, even the shadow in the water amazes me.

Heron at Eastville Park

Heron & shadow at Eastville Park

…….And then yesterday morning another treat for the eyes….& soul. A fisherman setting himself up for the day, mist on the lake & two adult swans with some of their signets, there are five in total, enjoying the first feed of the day………Sometimes I feel blessed.

Fisherman, mist & swans at Eastville Park

Fisherman, mist & swans at Eastville Park

Bristol Old Vic, Tristan & Yseult & Beauty on the Streets

What a fantastic weekend, plenty of sunshine for all to share.

Initially felt slightly worried about how the weekend would start. I had tickets to see Tristan & Yseult, presented by the Kneehigh Theater Company at Bristol Old Vic for a matinee showing with friends. with it being the hottest day of the year I was worried about feeling too hot in the theater. No worries, the temperature in the theater was okay, except for on the stage where the acting, dancing and singing were HOT. The whole play was magical from start to finish, it had all the ingredients for an all round, full on entertainment. Laughter, intrigue, wit and tragedy. When it finished I just wanted to watch the whole thing again. If you get a chance go and see it, it finishes this week.

……….And then to top it all there were all the beautiful sights and sounds outdoors. Walking into Bristol all the wild flowers are in full bloom, stunning array of colour.


Next came a great piece of Graffiti, unknown artist. The work promotes the campaign to save the bees.

Graffiti - Save The Bees

Graffiti – Save The Bees

It was Gay Pride this weekend in Bristol and waiting outside the ‘unnamed’ supermarket was a beautifully dressed transvestite. Got permission to take a photo, forgot to take down his name. Who ever you are you looked stunning, made me smile.

Stunning Transvestite

Stunning Transvestite

I have lived in Bristol a long time until this weekend I hadn’t noticed this plaque at the top of Corn Street. Apparently Joseph Cottle had an establishment on the corner of Corn Street. I certainly learned something new on this day.

joeseph cottle

Joseph Cottle

  After the theater, we strolled down to Bristol waterfront and sat by the water watching the world pass us by. The water contained alternating reflections and was memorizing to watch and finally, coming full circle, as I looked down below my feet a bunch of wild flowers in full bloom were growing out from the wall, heaven.

Water Reflections

Water Reflections

Wild Flowers

Wild Flowers