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Latest creation in Textile Art – Storm Brewing over ‘The Rumps”, Polzeath. Cornwall

Latest small work completed (4″x4″) – ‘Storm Brewing on The Rumps, Polzeath. Very pleased I managed to incorporate beach finds – fishing line & dried seaweed. All small pieces will be for sale – £75 framed in oak box frame, £50 unframed. If interested in purchasing an pieces of artwork please message me using the contacts page.

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Textile Artwork For Sale At Thread58

I had the fortune of finding a treasure trove of vintage fabrics, lace & other textile objects at a shop in Old Market, Bristol called Thread 58 and had a pleasant time talking about textiles & textile art with Bridget Edwards & Rhyannan Hall.

I now have two pieces of my textile art on display & for sale at Thread 58 if your in the area do take the time out to take a look, over the next few weeks I’m making some smaller pieces to place in the shop along with some blank art cards. I will keep you updated of my progress.

Artwork for sale in Thread 58

Below is a collection of the bits & pieces I purchased from Thread 58, just looking at it makes me happy. You can also find Thread 58 on Facebook & Twitter, click on the highlighted text to follow the links.

My purchase from Thread 58

My purchase from Thread 58

Textile Art & Mixed Media Paintings at Easton Arts Trail

Well, that was a full on weekend taking part in Easton Arts Trail.  During the weekend I had a visit from a lovely lady who lived in Ilfracombe and was on the lookout for potential exhibitors in Ilfracombes arts trail in 2015, sounds exciting and will definitely explore further. Received lots of very positive feedback especially about my most recent textile art pieces. It can feel very scary putting your work out in your own home for others to view, but I am very pleased I did it.


For those of you who didn’t get a chance to come to the arts trail I have posted some pictures for you to view, maybe you can make it next year

Hopefully if you like some of what you see you will come & view the artwork for yourself next year

Textile Art & Preparing for Easton Arts Trail

I have just completed another piece of textile art using a similar theme to the last one (see post: Using Medium Gel to Create Images on Fabric – Part 5 Feb 23rd 2014). The image was created while walking on ‘The Rumps’ Polzeath, Cornwall, it was early evening in August and the moon was rising. While creating this piece I wanted to incorporate pieces of fishing line and wood I had found while strolling on beaches, especially after storms and we have had a few of them this year! I hope by recycling these objects I’m contributing in some way to conservation.

It has taken me a while to complete this piece but I am pleased with the end result. I am hoping to get it mounted and framed in time for the Easton Arts Trail taking place on 14th & 15th June – this weekend! If your in Bristol please pop in and say hello. Both pieces of work will be for sell I am still working out a price.

Using Medium Gel To Create Image Transfers On Fabric – Part Five

There are other approaches to creating transfers using medium gel but before we take that journey I want to share with you a finished piece of work incorporating two of the transfers I created. Using my camera I captured the image of a Peregrine in flight & the moon rising over ‘The Rumps’ in  Polzeath, Cornwall. I made adjustments to both the images on Photoshop and then used both these images to create transfers on to fabric.

I used a mixture of mediums to create the image but primarily textiles, wool, embroidery thread & acrylic paint.

Moonrise over 'The Rumps' - Polzeath Cornwall.

Moonrise over ‘The Rumps’ – Polzeath Cornwall.

Detail of Moonrise over 'The Rumps' - Polzeath Cornwall.

Detail of Moonrise over ‘The Rumps’ – Polzeath Cornwall.

I’ve had great fun creating this image & I can’t wait to get started on the next. I hope you enjoy looking as much as I have enjoyed creating. Need to mount and frame then it will be for sale, price to follow 😀


Painting & Sketching in Cornwall UK For Two Weeks – I Must Have Been In Heaven

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For those of you who noticed I haven’t updated my blog for a couple of weeks I have been on holiday in Cornwall. I have returned with a tinge of sadness to leave the things that inspire me, but energized, refreshed & excited with all the artwork I have produced while away. If you want to see images of some of the paintings & sketches I produced they are on my Facebook pages, I will be putting some of them up on my website but want to frame them first, I will keep you updated.

Today I want to share some of my photographs I took while in Polzeath, Cornwall, UK, I will be sharing them over a few blogs as there are so many.

While strolling along the beaches there are many wonders and things of beauty to be found – Beautiful striations  on rock faces and cliffs, Vibrant green seaweed contrasting with bright grey rocks – Stunning, Jellyfish, upside down in a rock pool….Beauty in Death, wet seaweed dripping as the tide recedes, wonderful patterns created on the sand by seaweed. Sometimes it was difficult to know where to look first, I felt like an excited child let loose in a sweet shop. Click on images to view in full

On the second day I came across a rusting ship wreck, it looked incredibly old, but it is hard to determine age of an object when it is constantly bombarded by all the elements. Such vibrancy in decay was a pleasure to observe, I would love to go back & wrap strips of cotton around the metal, leave it for a week, then use in my artwork.

While sat on the Harbour Beach in St Ives, eating fish & chips, a necessary activity at the seaside, a young seagull decided it might be in with a chance of free grub. What was amusing was how polite it was, it kept making the high-pitched call when asking for food & constantly chased away any adult, but other than come very close, right by my side, it just waited patiently for food. Sadly for the seagull it wasted its time as I ate every morsel.

Very Polite Young Seagull

Very Polite Young Seagull

While walking out to The Rumps, Near Polzeath there were masses of butterflies, beautiful, but the most stunning sight was a resting dragonfly that allowed me to take lots of close up photographs, thank you Mr Dragonfly. Please do click on the images, as they look beautiful enlarged.

The weather was pretty good, only one very wet & windy day. This fortunately led to some stunning sunsets & a fantastic night led outside the tent watching the meteor storm with hardly any light pollution.

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