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Imprints Exhibition – 10th Oct 2015 – 2nd Jan 2016

I am exhibiting in the Imprints exhibition at The Museum of Somerset with The South West Textiles Group from 1oth Oct 2015 – 2nd Jan 2016. All work in the exhibition has been inspired by artifacts on display in the museum.

Imprints Exhibition at The Museum of Somerset, Taunton

Imprints Exhibition at The Museum of Somerset, Taunton. (click to enlarge)

The piece of textile art I am exhibiting has been inspired by The South Cadbury Shield, a bronze age shield buried at the base of South Cadbury castle. I was particularly inspired by the description by the archaeologists of the possible ritual that took place during original burial and used this to formulate ideas for the piece. The piece contains many layers, some hidden, reflecting the layers that build up over time. I wanted to place the shield in a prominent place within the work while allowing all the other aspects to interact. The aerial map of Cadbury Castle in the right hand upper cornerĀ  links with the shield at the location the it was discovered.

The Burial of Cadbury Bronze Age Shield

The Burial of Cadbury Bronze Age Shield

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Rust Dying & Using Copper Foil in Textile Art

I’ve been having some experimental fun dying fabric with rusting metal & thankfully the outcome has been a success. last week I brushed a mix of vinegar & water onto fabricĀ  then laid on some steel wool & pieces of rusting metal. Sprayed on more of the vinegar & water mix, covered in plastic sheeting & left for 24 hours (I did peek a few times, couldn’t help myself). Below you can see some detail of the outcome of which I am very pleased.

The fabric is going to be incorporated into a project based on a Bronze Age Shield on display in the Museum of Somerset in Taunton. The work will be in an exhibition in October 2015 in the Museum with the South West Textiles Group of which I am a member. Please feel free to take a look at the website by clicking on the link. I have constructed an image of the shield from linen painted in powdered copper mixed with a medium gel & copper foil.

After spending hours constructing the shield I then spent a far shorter time deconstructing it which entailed a combination of burning the fabric & aging the copper foil. The copper foil needs to age more yet & I may deconstruct the shield even more later but I want to see how it looks with the rest of the work before doing any more.

I will post more as the work progresses.